Exosome Hair Regrowth Treatment

The patient featured in this article had Exosomes treatment with the AlviArmani Clinic for his mid scalp and crown six months ago. As you can see by the Before and After photo, the treatment helped fill in the crown and regrew a significant amount of hair reversing the balding.

Exosome therapy is a new cutting edge treatment that effectively treats hair loss. Exosomes also helps to prevent hair loss or thinning hair. It is different from PRP and far more effective as Exosomes contains higher concentrations of growth factors.

Here are some candidates that will benefit from Exosomes:

  • People who started to lose their hair a few years ago
  • Men experiencing male pattern baldness
  • People looking for a non-surgical treatment for their hair loss
  • Women with thinning hair or hair loss due to menopause
  • Anyone who wants to increase their hair thickness and reverse balding
  • Anyone who wants to proactively prevent future hair loss from occurring

The Exosomes do many things for your hair that leads to a thicker head of hair. Exosomes reverse the aging process of the follicle. Exosomes promotes hair growth and will grow new hair. Exosomes thicken your existing hair. Exosomes will turn thin, weak Hair back in to strong, thick, healthy terminal hair. Exosomes will hold off future hair loss.


The entire appointment will last about 60 minutes. Your hair is not buzzed or clipped or shaved or anything.