Exosome Treatment for Hair Loss in the Crown

This patient had exosomes to treat hair loss in the back of his scalp and regrow new hair in the crown. Exosomes have been shown to maintain existing hair and in many case regrow new hair.

Exosomes treatment has been clinically shown to thicken thinning hair areas and increase hair density.


EXOSOMES ON THE SAME DAY AS A HAIR TRANSPLANT? A lot of our patients who have both frontal and crown hair loss are opting to  have an FUE Hair Restoration procedure for the front to restore the hairline, temples and frontal region and will have Exosomes treatment performed for the crown on the same day. As a result they address both the front and the crown in the same procedure restoring the hairline and temples and having treatment for the crown to add density and thickness in the back.

EXOSOMES AS STAND ALONE TREATMENT? For patients who just have some crown loss exosomes is a great treatment to hold off any future hair loss as the treatment reverses the follicle aging process. Exosomes also work to reawaken dormant follicles igniting new hair growth.

The great thing about Exosome treatment is there is no downtime. The patient can come in for a stand-alone Exosomes treatment for their crown or for the entire scalp and can go  back to work the very next day without anyone noticing they have had anything done. There is no down time, the patients hair is not shaved, there is no scabbing or healing time. This allows patients to treat their hair loss discretely and without missing anytime from work.