Exosomes – New Breakthrough for Hair Loss

Exosomes are the rising star in hair restoration therapy. Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles containing biological signaling molecules that mediate cell–cell signaling. These exosomes, with the presence of over a 1000+ growth factors, are being regarded as one of the purest forms of stem cell therapy. In their natural state, they offer proteins and no DNA or potentially harmful by-products that can be found in other therapies.

At AlviArmani our approach to Exosomes is to utilize Exosomes to stimulate hair growth and to reverse miniaturization of dormant hair by stimulating the DPCs and the HFSCs. Our medical director, Dr. Baubac is an expert in the hair restoration field and oversees our Exosome growth factor injections. We apply Exosomes as a stand-alone treatment as well as in combination with our FUE hair transplant procedures. Not everyone is a candidate for Exosomes.

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