Patient Blog Case Study

AlviArmani hosts a hair transplant forum where patients and prospective patients can get first hand information of the hair transplant experience and post their progress. The follow is a blog post by our patient Jerry about his AlviArmani Experience!

I'm 32 years old and have been pretty much this way since 18 years of age.

I currently take Propecia / Finasteride pills on a daily basis for my crown area, even though I do plan to have a procedure there in the near future due to the fact that it isn't as "full" as it used to be and is receding somewhat.

The procedure went swimmingly. Dr. Baubac and his team made were cordial and customer centric without being too artificial.

The procedure was approximately 12.5 hours with the first 6 focused on harvesting, and last six and a half being the hairline renewal.

I had lunch in the middle of the procedure (Chicken Marsala). During the end my head was cleaned and Dr. Baubac invited me to come by during the week for a few more cleanings at no extra charge.

I left the Armani office with all the medication needed for the next few weeks, shampoo, and other goodies, along with a thorough fifty-page pamphlet on how to ensure the retention of my new hairline.

The experience was more than expected. Hopefully, there is good retention within the next six months. I will keep you guys posted.

For the first 6 months I plan to keep my hairline very short so that I can be able to spray the minoxidil 5% combined with finasteride on all my hair zones 1 through 4.

This might be going overboard but I also plan to take oral finasteride in combination with topical finasteride to ensure maximum growth. Since my hair will be short I will apply Vitamin E oil shortly after applying topical minoxidil. I will do this religiously for at least 6 months.

Approx 1 month post-op - Small amount of shedding since the 3rd week, lower density. As expected. Numbness of scalp 99% gone but still sense numbness in small areas yet not enough numbness to be alarmed about.

Photos - 9 months post-op

Well, it's been 2 years since my hair transplant at AlviArmani and I couldn't be happier with my hair! Thank you Dr. Baubac and the fantastic staff at AlviArmani!