Topical Dutasteride is available from AlviArmani in Beverly Hills, California

With the increased interest in topical formulations over the past few years AlviArmani felt it was time to inform the hair loss public of our topical finasteride and topical Dutasteride solutions for combating male patterned hair loss. Topical Dutasteride is now available at AlviArmani in Beverly Hills, California.

*Important Notice: Because of the limited availability of this custom solution Topical Duasteride is ONLY AVAILABLE to AlviArmani patients.

AlviArmani has long been proponents of medical therapy to prevent further hair loss for patients suffering from various forms of alopecia. For years, we have strongly recommended the use of both finasteride and minoxidil for men, and minoxidil alone for women, both before and after any hair restoration procedure. However, more and more users of finasteride have come forward over the past decade to discuss moderate to severe side effects with continued use. These side effects range from being sexual in nature to affecting mental acuity and performance. As an ongoing effort to provide the best medical therapies possible AlviArmani has been offering a topical finasteride solution as an alternative for those patients that are experiencing such side effects or for patients that do not wish to risk the chance of having such side effects. Our topical finasteride formulation has been effective for many of our patients in preventing further hair loss due to androgenic alopecia, and in many cases, has provided an improvement in hair counts and terminal status of hairs previously seen to be miniaturizing. Side effects from topical finasteride have been reportedly nearly non-existent among our patients.

Topical Dutasteride

Since 2014 AlviArmani has also offered a second topical solution with Dutasteride. Dutasteride is a more powerful DHT inhibitor in that it prevents two enzymes, 5 alpha reductase type 1 and type II (finasteride blocks only type II) from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, the primary hormone that causes male patterned hair loss. With the improved conversion prevention rate and longer half-life of Dutasteride when compared to finasteride, hair loss sufferers have reported an increased degree of hair growth and fewer side effects than the already lowered side effects of topical finasteride when compared to oral finasteride.

Why Topical?

Oral medications are typically very effective for addressing various conditions but unfortunately side effects, if they exist, are usually difficult to isolate due to the medication entering the blood stream. This is known as systemic absorption. This is why topical alternatives are preferable as there is little to no systemic absorption but this benefit comes at the cost of efficacy. Topical formulations usually are not as effective as their oral counterparts. However, if a delivery system can be devised to allow for nearly equal results as the oral counterparts then the likelihood of side effects will decrease. Thankfully, we have effective delivery systems today that help us to provide effective DHT inhibition with a greatly reduced potential of side effects.

Our topical finasteride and topical Dutasteride formulations have been available since 2014 and are becoming more and more popular. Both topical finasteride and topical Dutasteride are available for all past and future patients of AlviArmani in different formulations by prescription only and are shipped nationwide and internationally. To inquire about which may be better for you feel free to contact our office.

** Topical Dutasteride is only available to AlviArmani patients who have had a hair restoration procedure with us or individuals who are patients of our practice and have had an in person consultation and evaluation done by him. The medication is only available per prescription through our pharmacy.