AlviArmani Advancements

At AlviArmani, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best service and the latest technological advantages to achieve exceptional results. Since 1999, AlviArmani has invested heavily in research and development to stay on the cutting edge of hair restoration technology and offer the best options in medical and surgical hair restoration.

With a laser-focused artistic approach to hairline design, advanced surgical techniques, proprietary surgical tools, in-house developed intra- and post-operative solutions, and adjunctive therapies, patients coming to AlviArmani are assured of leading-edge care and treatment for hair loss.

Our surgical techniques and Artistic Hairline design components were inspired by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci in La Divina Proporzione. With an algorithmic base, our founders further refined the proportions of beauty to encompass ethnocentric elements. Two decades of experience and a global presence have allowed us to provide our patients with an artistic look and feel beyond restoring their original hair and look. Our Hairline design formulas now allow us to spread this information to AlviArmani providers, bringing AlviArmani’s 20 years of experience in facial framing to many more deserving patients.

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Our Surgical tools, originally invented by Dr. Antonio Armani and further refined by his successor Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi, have permitted our surgical providers to consistently provide the best FUE results globally over the last two decades. These surgical techniques and instrumentation have continuously advanced and are available exclusively to AlviArmani surgeons.

At AlviArmani, we offer a combination of surgical solutions, advanced regrowth therapies, and in-house formulated hair loss preventative medications to keep your hair looking amazing not just after your initial hair restoration procedure but for decades to come.

Our intraoperative solution used during the procedure comprises a medley of necessary elements to support the hair follicle during and after the operative period. Providing the hair follicle, this diligently picked mix of elements provides a substrate that ensures our patients get the best results. The ingredients include inorganic minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and a proprietary hair growth formulation created in our research and development lab at AlviArmani-Beverly Hills.

Our Proprietary Cellular Post Op Spray provided to patients after their procedure helps with enhanced healing, less scabbing and redness post op and an optimum regrowth rate of the newly transplanted grafts. We have observed significantly reduced recovery times attributable to our postoperative solution.

AlviArmani hair restoration patients receive PRP Treatment during their FUE procedure. PRP is injected into the recipient site during the FUE procedure. PRP when combined with the FUE procedure induces Faster healing times post-op, less shedding of the transplanted grafts after the procedure, a higher retention of grafts post procedure and quicker regrowth of grafts making for a faster final result. Our Research and Development team has adapted protocols to ensure our patients receive the highest quality PRP containing the highest concentration of platelets.

We also offer adjunct therapies to our patients to continue keeping their hair looking great for years to come. Amongst these include stand-alone Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Exosome therapy. At AlviArmani our Research and Development lab allows us to test all specimens we receive from vendors for efficacy. Given such, our patients receive the most efficacious exosomes on the market, every time.

Lastly, AlviArmani patients have a variety of hair loss preventative medications available to them post procedure to help keep their existing hair looking great and to help prevent future hair loss. Our hair loss medications have been formulated in house and include 8% minoxidil spray, Topical Finasteride Spray, Topical Dutasteride Spray, Oral Finasteride, as well as our specially formulated Hair Vitamin that includes natural DHT blockers. These preventative medications allow AlviArmani patients to keep their hair looking great for years after their hair restoration procedure.

All these advancements listed above provide the AlviArmani patient with an unmatched experience and unparalleled hair restoration result that is not duplicated anywhere in the Hair Transplant Field.