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In order for AlviArmani Buenos Aires to continue to consolidate and grow as an emblem of the firm in the region, AlviArmani implemented in Buenos Aires the same unique FUE method used both for Hollywood celebrities as well as sheiks and businessmen in the Middle East and Europe.

The innovative Maximus Method FUE places special emphasis on the delivery of a custom-designed hair restoration process for each patient, through the micro-extraction and individual implantation of follicular units without causing the classic invasive removal of a strip of scalp that acts as a donor site, usually called FIT or strip hair transplant.

The Clinic's head surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez Jauregui believes that the fundamental difference between AlviArmani and our top competition is that each case is taken purely in an artistic way.

"An artistic surgeon must consider numerous factors, including the hairline, the angles of the face and the facial features. It is not just a matter of filling an empty space, but to give it style and aesthetics according to each person." Then he added: "We also have innovative non-surgical treatments to help patients maintain the hair and improve their quality of life because alopecia is progressive. One of our most popular treatments is Vital Force, which works to thicken hair bulbs weakened by alopecia and restores their vitality."

In its tenth year in the country, AlviArmani Argentina has opened an office for consultations and non-surgical treatments in the city of Rosario and plans to open two more branches to continue its expansion in South America in order to serve all patients in the Latin American continent.

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