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Celebrity Hair Transplant Los Angeles

Celebrity performer Jefferson Tuke had a FUE hair transplant procedure of 3,453 grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in the Alvi Armani Beverly Hills Clinic to restore his hairline, mid scalp and crown. From being a contestant on American Idol to performing sold out events as a singer and dancer, Jefferson’s life has been performing…

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Dr. Baubac Featured in Beautywire Magazine – No Shave FUE Hair Transplant

In the June 2018 edition of Beautywire Magazine – The Magazine for the Aesthetic Industry featured Dr. Baubac of Alvi Armani Beverly Hills. If you’re looking to keep your FUE hair restoration under wraps, Dr. Baubac offers you a way to restore your hair while avoiding having your head shaved, allowing you to conceal that…

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Video Testimonial – Hairline and Crown Restoration

This patient had 3,300 grafts FUE to restore his hairline, frontal region and crown with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in our Alvi Armani Beverly Hills Clinic. Zones 1, 2 and 4 were restored and reinforced. In the video Dr. Baubac’s patient Lenny, talks about his Alvi Armani hair restoration experience over the past 8 years. Dr.…

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Dr. Baubac’s patients are seeing faster results with PRP in combination with their Hair Restoration procedure

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi has been offering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment in combination with a Hair Restoration procedure to hair loss patients for a few years now in our Alvi Armani Beverly Hills Clinic. A patient will have a PRP Session along with the FUE Hair Restoration procedure on the same day. What we have…

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Topical Dutasteride is available from Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi and Alvi Armani in Beverly Hills, California

With the increased interest in topical formulations over the past few years Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi felt it was time to inform the hair loss public of our topical finasteride and topical Dutasteride solutions for combating male patterned hair loss. Topical Dutasteride is now available at Alvi Armani in Beverly Hills, California. 3/16/2018 Beverly Hills, CA Dr.…

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American Idol Contestant Shows Off Hair Transplant Result Performed By Dr. Baubac

From being a contestant on American Idol to performing sold out productions as a singer and dancer, Jefferson Tuke’s life has been performing for audiences all over the country. Jefferson was signed with Sony records for several years singing with a band that toured with Brittany Spears and has rubbed shoulders with almost everyone in…

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Patient Blog Case Study

Alvi Armani hosts a hair transplant forum where patients and prospective patients can get first hand information of the hair transplant experience and post their progress. The follow is a blog post by our patient Jerry about his Alvi Armani Experience! I’m 32 years old and have been pretty much this way since 18 years…

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Hair Transplant Mentor Recommends Dr. Baubac

Hair Transplant Mentor founder Joe Tillman recommends Dr. Baubac in Los Angeles According to Joe, “As a Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Baubac performs only follicular unit graft procedures on a daily basis and this leads to why I think he’s an interesting Los Angeles hair transplant doctor to consider. When I was speaking…

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Dr. Baubac on The Bald Truth

Spencer Kobren, Founder and Host of THEBALDTRUTH.COM speaks with IAHRS  member, Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi concerning his philosophy on why graft dissection and extraction play a much more vital role in the final result of hair transplant surgery than many physicians and hair transplant device makers want you to believe. (Note: Dr. Baubac performs FUE hair…

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FUE Mega Session Result

This patient had 4,000 grafts FUE with the Alvi Armani Clinic in one day to restore his head of hair at high density. At Alvi Armani we use a new revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure that innovates both in the Extraction and Restoration process. At Alvi Armani, our FUE hair transplant is a simple, outpatient…

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5 stars and first class comfort all the way! Before the surgery, during the surgery and the months to follow during recovery and growth, Alvi Armani is there for you. Alvi Armani is the way to go and I can say that with total confidence! I am SO happy with my results and SO happy I chose to go with Alvi Armani, they are truly second to none.read more
Bryan Volpendesta
Bryan Volpendesta
04:56 06 Aug 15
Great experience, starting losing my hair when I was 19. I'm now 28, and have had a couple procedures and it turned out great.Well worth the money. I wouldn't go anywhere else.read more
Jesse Willms
Jesse Willms
18:10 23 Jul 15
Everything went smoothly, from start to finish. Dr. Hayatdavoudi and his associates were informative, customer centric, and most importantly, professional. Also, a shout out to Eric for being patient and doing a good job with coordinating my operation from start to finish. As a student with limited finances, they even granted partial payments up until the day of the procedure. In terms of the procedure itself: the operating room was clean, minimalist, updated, and contemporary. the staff was cordial, and I even enjoyed a 5-star meal. The view from the top floor onto the burgeoning city of Beverly Hills wasn't too shabby either.During the procedure, the Dr. and his staff were attentive to my needs and did not hesitate to make sure I had the most comfortable experience possible.At the end of the procedure, I was also given post-op materials, such as a hefty booklet informing me of what to expect throughout the next 12 months along with how to take care of my grafts. Additional material also included medicine, shampoo, along with a black Alvi Armani travel pillow and other goodies. Dr. Hayatdavoudi was also kind enough to wait until my ride came to pick me up after the procedure. One of the assistants followed up with how I was during up to about 90 days after my procedure as well.Everything I experienced so far was more than expected. If I decide to do another operation, I would not hesitate to be a repeat customer with this clinic. read more
Jah Fizz
Jah Fizz
04:56 13 Mar 15
I expected Alvi Armani to offer first class hair restoration but never expected the first class, warm, and personal way they treated me. From the people at the front desk to the assistants in the operating room, to Dr. Baubac himself: everyone demonstrated the highest level of technical mastery alongside an almost familial care and concern. Dr. Baubac himself deserves special note. His deep understanding of the ethnic variations of hairlines and his grasp of the aesthetics of hair design are just amazing. And, for all his technical expertise, he is completely humble and completely in service of his patient. (I wish I had a primary care physician with such commitment and concern!) From the first few minutes of our phone consultation, I trusted him completely and I am so deeply grateful that I did. read more
John Abbruzzese
John Abbruzzese
02:58 23 Feb 15
Another wonderful experience I had with Alvi Armani. It has been 6 years since my first procedure and 12 months since my last, and I am extremely happy! I could have had my procedure with a company down the road from me in Manchester UK, but I chose to fly to Dubai & LA because, quite simply, they are the best! Their care and attention is outstanding, and being 6000 miles away from my home each time, I really felt welcomed and taken care of, and this was exactly what I needed. It's always nerve racking when you do anything like this, and you really don't know what the outcome will be, but judging from my experience, the team at Alvi Armani will do everything in their power to ensure you have a great result. I also feel honoured that I am featured on the home page of their website. This is a big decision for anyone, and to this I would say, please don't worry, you will be in great hands, they are fantastic! Go for it! I was only supposed to write one sentence, but I just couldn't. Hope this helps.read more
Simon Dorey
Simon Dorey
11:21 21 Feb 15

I would like to thank Dr. Baubac and his amazing team for performing my hair transplant. Now I am happy with the result. I also experienced a very comfortable stay during the procedure. Thank you for everything you did for -Amin
Dr. Baubac provided me with services that exceeded my expectations every step of the way. It is my pleasure to recommend him and his entire team on the basis of their skill, professionalism, and attentive care throughout the entire process.- L.L.
My experience with Dr. Baubac was terrific! He educated me about procedure and made sure I was very comfortable the whole time. He is an amazing artist and does such beautiful work. Because of his amazing artistry and care the procedure is a success- Jonathan Benarroch

See for yourself what our patients thought of their procedure at Alvi Armani. Browse through personal blog sites where patients post their own before and after photos and document their experience - from their first steps in researching hair loss restoration, to their final results.

3115 FUE Hair Graft – Case Study

This 35 year old male patient came to Alvi Armni with Norwood Hair Loss Classification III in the frontal region. There was some thin hair in the frontal forelock and significant hair loss surrounding. Dr. Baubac performed 3115 FUE grafts in a single session.

Dr. Baubac Discusses FUE Harvesting

Spencer Kobren, Founder and Host of THEBALDTRUTH.COM speaks with IAHRS  member, Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi concerning his philosophy on why graft dissection and extraction play a much more vital role in the final results.

FUE Hair Transplant Testimonial

Bryan is an athletic, active School Teacher.  He had a FUE Hair Transplant performed by Dr. Baubac in our Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA facility. Dr. Baubac performed 3,058 grafts in 1 session to areas 1-3 in the front.

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