Hair Loss Scale

The hair transplant industry has relied on Norwood’s male pattern baldness classification chart for decades. His classification neglected integrating disparities existing among different ethnic groups displaying various patterns of hair loss. “Alvi Armani Hair Loss Scale” a new classification system developed by Dr. Antonio Armani. Representation of genetic pattern baldness globally from various ethnic backgrounds and diverse groups are included in the new system.

The “Scale” replaces Dr. Norwood’s older scale. His scale indicated one balding pattern. Dr. Armani’s 5 different patterns of balding accurately depict global diversity in receding patterns.


Alvi Armani Hair Loss Scale

Pattern 1: Describes Norwood's older classification states hair loss from the front and back eventually meets in the middle.
Pattern 2: Hair recedes from the crown progressing to front hairline.
Pattern 3: Frontal hair loss progresses towards the crown.
Pattern 4: (Ludwig's Pattern) Centrally based balding progresses outwards. Common with women, the pattern also targets a vast majority of men in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions.
Pattern 5: A crescent shape progresses around a small tuft of hair, commonly found in men of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian regions.

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