Patient Case Studies

3,500 Hair Grafts +PRP Hairline and Crown Restoration – Los Angeles

This patient was a youthful and athletic 40-year-old who had been losing his hair since his mid-20s. He…

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Professional Hair Stylist Discusses His Hair Restoration Journey

This patient had 3,000 grafts + PRP with the AlviArmani Clinic to restore his hairline, temples, and mid-scalp.…

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Hairline Restored with Dense Packing

This 35-year-old patient had experienced significant frontal hair loss (Norwood hair loss classification 4) in his frontal region,…

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Frontal Hair Restoration With 3,000 FUE Grafts

In only his late 20s, this patient was already experiencing significant frontal hair loss with only short vellus…

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New 3,000 graft FUE Hair Restoration

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE + PRP with the AlviArmani Clinic to restore his receded temples, hairline…

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Hairline Restoration with 2,950 Grafts

This patient had Norwood hair loss classification 3 with significant bi-temporal frontal hair thinning. His donor hair was…

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Female No Shave FUE Hair Transplant

The female patient below had 1,148 grafts FUE with AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic to restore her hairline and…

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Temple Recession and Hairline Restored

This patient had 2,200 FUE grafts + PRP with the AlviArmani Clinic to restore his receding hairline and…

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Hairline Lowering Procedure with FUE

This patient in his mid to late 50’s came to AlviArmani with severe temple recession and frontal thinning.…

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One Session Frontal Hair restoration with 3,500 FUE Grafts

This patient was a Norwood Hair Loss Classification 4. He had 3,500 graft FUE to completely restore his…

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2,500 Graft FUE Result – After Photos with Wet Hair

This patient had 2,500 grafts FUE with the AlviArmani Clinic to completely restore his hairline and temple recession.…

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FUE 6500 FUE Mega Session

This patient had 6,500 grafts FUE with AlviArmani to restore his entire head of hair front to back…

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