Patient wearing post-op cap after surgery

When can I go back to work after my Hair Restoration Procedure?

We recommend taking one week off after your hair restoration procedure for rest and recovery before returning to work. The first week after your procedure we provide you with a post op cap to wear that looks like a bandana. The cap is discrete and it covers, protects and conceals your procedure. The post op cap completely hides the fact that you had the hair restoration, allowing you to go out that first week to take care of errands and business without anyone knowing you had a hair restoration.

Patients after one week post op can return to work. Patients can also wear a hat one week post op.

We have provided some photo examples of the healing process with how patients look 5 days and 8 days after their procedure in this article to help patients better plan their recovery.

AlviArmani does everything possible to make for a quick recovery after your procedure including a number of advanced surgical techniques, intra op and post op solutions that aid in your faster recovery.

Our intraoperative solution used during the procedure is comprised of a medley of necessary elements to support the hair follicle during and after the operative period. Providing the hair follicle these diligently picked mix of elements provides a substrate which ensures our patients get the best results. The ingredients include inorganic minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and a proprietary hair growth formulation created in house at AlviArmani.

Our Proprietary Cellular Post Op Spray provided to patients after their procedure helps with enhanced healing, less scabbing and redness post op and an optimum regrowth rate of the newly transplanted grafts. We have observed significantly reduced recovery times attributable to our postoperative solution.

PRP Therapy with your FUE Procedure - AlviArmani hair restoration patients receive PRP Treatment during their FUE procedure. PRP is injected into the recipient site during the FUE procedure. PRP when combined with the FUE procedure induces Faster healing times post-op, less shedding of the transplanted grafts after the procedure, a higher retention of grafts post procedure and quicker regrowth of grafts making for a faster final result. Our Research and Development team has adapted protocols to ensure our patients receive the highest quality PRP containing the highest concentration of platelets.

We have found that patients who have PRP with their FUE procedure not only see a better final result, but also experience faster healing post op and faster result from earlier growth.

The faster recovery due to the PRP allows you to return to the gym faster after your procedure, return to your normal showering routine quicker post op, and allows patients to return to work sooner after their hair restoration.

Benefits from PRP with the procedure

  • Faster healing post-op
  • Much less shedding of the transplanted grafts after the procedure
  • Higher retention of grafts post procedure
  • Quicker regrowth of grafts
  • Faster results