How much does a hair transplant cost?

The cost of hair transplant surgery can vary significantly depending on several factors:

Type of Procedure: There are two types of hair transplant procedures. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) involves the excision of a large strip of donor tissue from the donor area and regardless of how well done it is there will always be a linear scar and your hair needs to be long enough to cover the scar. The other procedure is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE tends to be more expensive than FUT because it is a more labor-intensive and technically demanding procedure that involves extracting each tiny follicular unit, leaving a tiny dot scar.

Extent of Hair Loss: The amount of hair loss and the area to be treated plays a significant role in determining the cost. Larger areas or more severe cases of hair loss will require more grafts, which will increase the cost.

Quality of Clinic: The reputation and expertise of the clinic or surgeon performing the procedure can impact the cost. Highly experienced and reputable surgeons may charge more for their services. This can be verified by online reviews, videos, and extensive patient before-and-after portfolios.

Location: The cost of living and healthcare services varies by location, so the cost of hair transplant surgery can dramatically depend on where the procedure is performed. Overseas surgery may be price attractive but leaves the patient with no recourse if there are any issues post-surgery.

Additional Services: Some clinics may include additional services like PRP and Exosome injection therapy, combination medical therapy, follow-up appointments, and post-operative care.

Technology and Equipment: Clinics that use the latest technology and equipment may charge higher fees due to the increased cost of these resources. This can confuse the consumer since most robotic and automated techniques accomplish average results at best and are usually discounted. AlviArmani has developed most of our surgical instrumentation and interoperative solutions for healing within our in-house R&D lab.

Patient-Specific Factors: Individual factors such as the patient's privacy demands, overall health, specific goals, and any additional treatments or procedures required can also affect the overall cost.

FUT Procedure Cost:
The cost of FUT can range from $4,000 to $15,000 or more. The price is often quoted per graft; the total cost depends on the number of grafts needed. It is important to note that with this procedure, a linear scar will be left that can limit the length a patient can grow their hair in the back without the scar being visible.

FUE Procedure Costs:
FUE procedures are generally more expensive than FUT because they require greater skill and take longer to perform. At AlviArmani our surgeons manually harvest and inspect each graft. In many practices, a physician may use a robotic or automated machine to harvest the grafts; in some cases, the procedure is performed mostly by unlicensed technicians. The cost can range from $7,500 to $40,000 or higher when combined with medical therapy. Like FUT, the price is often per graft, and the total cost depends on the number of grafts required.

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