Female Hair Rejuvenation Solutions

Lyndsey Hughes is the wife of Dr. Michael Hughes, Medical Director of AlviArmeni Beverly Hills. She was unhappy with her hair, particularly along her hairline. After discussion with her husband she came to the local AlviArmani Clinic to have an Exosome and PRP Hair Rejuevenation Treatment. AlviArmani offers Injectable Hair Rejuvenation Therapy that helps men…

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Female Hair Restoration and Exosome result

female hair transplant

This female patient had significant thinning throughout the top of her scalp and used cosmetics to help camouflage her hair loss for years. Our physicians performed a FUE Hair restoration procedure of over 3,000+ grafts and exosome therapy throughout her entire scalp in our AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic to completely restore her hairline temples and…

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Solutions for Women

At AlviArmani we understand how critical it is to woman to have great looking hair. For many woman, a bad hair day equals a bad day. We recognize that the importance of beautiful hair for a woman goes far beyond its biological purposes. The value of good looking hair is unquestionable and is reflected in…

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