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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Maintaining follicles involves important hair health steps, especially if genetic predisposition to thinning or balding is involved. People dealing with hair loss gain most from participating in a healthy lifestyle, and pursuing an adequate exercise regime. A healthy body and immune system supports healthy hair. Nutritious foods complemented by sufficient amounts of protein also contribute to healthy hair.

Usually balding is genetic, although usage of dangerous chemicals, harsh shampoos, conditioners, and overly strong hair gels contribute to accelerated genetic pattern baldness. People suffering with thinning hair choose shampoos, conditioners, and gentle hair gels containing organic supplements scientifically tested to minimize balding.

Alvi Armani's extensive scientific research formulated an array of hair care products, targeted towards reducing thinning hair.
Minimizing chemical treatments such as dyes, tints, and bleaches plays an important role combating excessively brittle hair and shedding.

A mild conditioning routine is recommendslide_haircare_02ed for daily hair care. Conditioning protects follicles from shock associated with combing and drying hair. Naturally drying hair is recommended over blow drying hair. Necessary hair drying must be done on low heat, six inches away from the hair.

Avoid pony tails and braids; pulling side hair promotes hair loss. Combing excessively utilizing fine tooth combs and stiff bristles on curly hair should be avoided.

Protect hair from harsh winds, winter weather, and excessive heat. Strong sun rays bleach hair follicles causing a brittle condition leading to hair loss.

Regularly swimming in chlorinated pools requires a swimming cap. Pool chemicals eventually damage follicles; shampooing exposed hair after swimming is recommended. Healthy scalp maintenance using a desalination process applies a similar theory.

Natural, organic products combined with avoiding harsh water, abrasive drying, and styling regimes slows down hair loss promoting stronger healthier hair.

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