Hair Transplant Repair in Los Angeles, CA

This male patient was in his mid 30’s when he had a hair transplant by another hair clinic to fill in his frontal hair loss. Although the patient was an excellent candidate, the FUE procedure was poorly performed and many grafts were apparently transected (follicle cut below the scalp surface) and there may have been unnecessary graft manipulation and poor graft hydration during the procedure. As a result his hair growth was sporadic and cosmetically disappointing.

Before – poor hair growth after hair transplant from other clinic. After AlviArmani FUR hair transplant repair.

After consultation with Dr. Baubac, the patient had 2,559 FUE grafts performed in the AlviArmani, Los Angeles facility. Dr. Baubac and his surgical team worked to completely restore the entire front half of his head and to reconstruct, rebuild and redesign his hairline while fixing his previously failed procedure.

The patient is extremely satisfied with the procedure performed by Dr. Baubac and allowed us to show his full face and his new hairline by Dr. Baubac and AlviArmani.