Norwood Hair Loss Classification 6 Hair Transplant

This patient had his hairline and mid scalp restored with Dr. Baubac of the AlviArmani Hair Restoration Clinic in Beverly Hills. This patient had advanced hair loss throughout his entire scalp in a Norwood 6 pattern before his full restoration with Dr. Baubac.

Immediately Post-Op and 2 years after combing his thick hair.

The patient with Dr. Baubac

More About Dr. Baubac Hayadavoudi

Dr. Baubac has over ten years’ experience performing FUE Hair Transplants. He is renowned for his expertise and experience in follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation, and is best known in the industry for his natural looking hairline hair restorations, as well as his high ethical, clinical, and artistic standards of excellence.