Video Testimonial After Hair Restoration


Like many of you I have spent the last 15 years fishing through the internet learning about hair transplantation from scalp reductions and flap procedures to FUSS and now onto FUE. I began to loose my hair at the age of 23 and I am now 44. My father is a NW6 and I knew I had to take action. Here are the points I was always looking for when trying to determine what the real options are and who the best doctor was for my procedure:

I am not being paid nor was I asked by the AlviArmani clinic or anyone else for that matter to leave this comment. I do not work for or with any hair restoration clinic in any capacity.

My comments are honest and I simply want to help save someone 15 years of research. I want you to go to bed tonight knowing there are not only real options out there but also a doctor that truly is an artist and is being celebrated for it.

I began taking Propecia 15 years ago. I have had zero side effects, absolutely no loss in sex drive (I have two kids and happily married) and no Gyno or negative side effects to speak of. I am holding well at roughly a NW2-3 with temporal recession but with a bit of gel and a brush along with a short haircut I didn’t look bad. (only other balding men could tell that I was balding…you know what I mean)

There is no gimmick at play here. the doctor did my procedure and ALL the FUE harvesting himself, we had a consultation wherein he offered his thoughts as well as listened to my intentions and we simply agreed on a new perfect hairline. He didn’t try to sell me any products, additional grafts…nothing at all. This doctor is a class act. His team are fantastic. They were equally as concerned with my comfort throughout the procedure as they were with the final result. They offered clear and concise post op procedures as well as supplying me with the needed lotions and vitamins to support the recovery process.

So why AlviArmani? I know there are many great doctors within the hair restoration field these days and new names popping up all the time. I remember when it was simply Bosley, perhaps Hasson and Wong…some of the first doctors to have an online presence. All very good doctors I am sure but let me tell you why I flew to Beverly Hills for my procedure with AlviArmani. The results! I have been following his videos, testimonials and simply his presence within the hair transplant community for 2 years (every night) and I truly believe he yields the best results. He is an artist and when all things are equal in terms of procedure and protocol within the field, the only thing that is left is the doctors artistic capacity. by this I mean where the grafts are placed, his angle closures, how he frames your face, where he creates density vs. less dense regions…these elements make ALL of the difference and I simply believe AlviArmani is the best.


I had an FUE procedure with AlviArmani 20 days ago. (2018 grafts - temporal and mid forelock) and I am at home reflecting on an amazing experience. I also had a PRP treatment the morning after my procedure.

The day of the procedure was fantastic. I arrived to a modern, impressive clinic in Beverly Hills. There was an entire team standing by for the treatment. What was even more impressive was that they were all there solely for me. The procedure began with an orientation of the day from his team. The surgeon was not just overseeing the entire treatment, he himself conducted the procedure. He did all of the harvesting of the grafts, he did the design work of my hairline, he did the incisions and he was fully involved and hands on.

For lunch I ordered lunch from a 5-star menu, during the procedure I laid back in front of a 50" flat screen TV and navigated my way through a choice of options to watch throughout the day. There was no pain to speak of at all. A few small injections to numb my scalp and that was it. The AlviArmani team worked in precision to keep me comfortable throughout the procedure both answering questions and just holding general conversation with me. I left the clinic a few hours later with a full supply of post-op creams and solutions along with a clear and concise outline of procedures to follow. I actually really enjoyed the entire experience.

Post-op follow began immediately with a visit to the clinic the next morning. Once I flew back home, a patient care representative followed up with me extensively to ensure I was comfortable and healing properly.


Here is my latest update now 15 months post op.

I wasn’t interested in choosing the most inexpensive hair transplant practice, the most convenient or even a doctor that was local. I travel internationally for my occupation so I was willing to commit to a procedure anywhere in the world. After doing all of my homework and researching my global options, the choice was easy in AlviArmani. They are simply the best in the world for Hair Restoration today. Don’t listen to me, just look at his reviews, testimonials, before and after photos, affiliations and awards. This clinic truly sets the standard.

From my first contact with the AlviArmani clinic I was impressed by the candor, follow-up and professionalism of the staff. When I arrived for my treatment, I first met with the doctor for an hour to discuss my goals and expectations for both the procedure and the long term plan. The plan was to create and maintain a hairline that was natural now at 45 and would still look natural at 60. The surgical team was confident that my expectations were realistic, they answered any and all questions and I walked out of the office knowing I had made the right choice.

15 months later put simply, this procedure is life changing. I actually enjoy getting out of the shower now and styling my hair. I have the confidence of a much younger man and I don’t have to think about losing my hair anymore.

You cannot put a price on that. My advice is very simple, don’t wait any longer, you have now found the right doctor.