1,800 Graft Hairline Lowering Procedure

This patient began losing his hair in his 30s. Over the years, his hairline gradually receded. About two years ago, he began medical therapy for his hair loss and started using oral finasteride and topical minoxidil. Although the medication seemed to stabilize his hair loss, it did not reestablish his hairline.

Before and after 1,800 FUE hair transplant.

Now in his 40's he came to AlviArmani Beverly Hills and had an FUE procedure with Dr. Michael Hughes. Dr. Hughes created a natural hairline design that lowered his hairline and temple recession to a more youthful appearance.


Immediately post-op surgery and after full hair growth.

During the procedure, Dr. Hughes transplanted 1,800 grafts in a high-density pattern. The after results demonstrate the natural full-density results.

Hairline design before surgery and 12 months post-op with his hairline restored.

Multiple views of the patient's full, natural results.

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