2,400 Grafts FUE + Exosomes

This patient had a significantly thinning frontal region that became very difficult to style. He came to our Beverly Hills clinic and received 2,400 FUE Grafts plus PRP Therapy and  Exosome injection therapy to restore his immediate hairline, temples and frontal region at a high density using our Dense Packing technique. The after photos are at 11 months post op and he now has a fully restored hairline with temple closure and a much fuller head of hair in the frontal region offering unlimited styling options.

AlviArmani offers new innovative treatments combined with the FUE Procedure and this case is the perfect example of that. By Adding PRP and Exosomes in with the FUE Hair transplant procedure this patient had quicker healing time post op and earlier growth brining in a faster final result. Adding the Exosome treatment not only helps the newly transplanted grafts thrive, the Exosome therapy also stimulates new hair growth and hair thickening throughout the entire scalp even in the non-transplanted areas.