AlviArmani – On Good Things Utah with Dr. Craig Barton

A hair restoration process that will change your life

by: Ashley Rich

Posted: May 24, 2023 / 03:12 PM MDT - Reprint from / Good Things Utah

Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Everyone wants to feel confident not only on the inside but on the outside too! Hair can play a big part in one’s confidence. Lucky for Utah, AlviArmani, the world’s #1 Hair Restoration Clinic, is now in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City! Medical director and lead surgeon Dr. Craig Barton and the director of business development, Jefferson Tuke, talked about all the glitz and glam of this new hair transplant location.

AlviArmani has been the number-one hair restoration center in the world for over 20 years. Dr. Craig Barton and Jefferson Tuke were former clinic patients and have seen firsthand just how life-changing hair restoration can be.

With a natural look, the hair restoration process leaves you questioning if you ever had it done. Patients have said their hair restoration has made them more confident and become better partners, workers, and family members.

With a recovery process of only a week, the restoration process lets both women and men return to their regular life routines shortly after the procedure, leaving them more confident and happier than before. AlviArmani has locations worldwide, including the brand-new site at the top of the Boston Building in downtown Salt Lake City. A hard opening of the clinic is expected in late July.

If you’re looking for a life-changing procedure, book a consultation with AlviArmani by visiting or call them at (801) 657-5263.