Hair Loss Zones Beverly Hills

Hair Loss Zones is a classification system developed by Dr. Antonio Armani which divides the scalp into four distinct areas for the purpose of transplants and calculating hair distribution density. Zone One is defined as the frontal hairline (the first inch or so) and often the most important zone due to the varying angles involved, including the temple angle. If the face is a painting, then Zone One is the frame. It’s a highly visible zone that requires maximum density and is of key importance to the design of the hairline.

Zone two is the mid-zone–the area directly behind zone two. Zone two is a blending zone of decreasing density to zone one. Zone three and four at the middle and back of the scalp and are creating with a circular pattern or low lying angles so that the hair sits, rather than stands, on the scalp.
Zone 2 (two)is the middle area behind zone one. It is also completed with an artistic design and decreasing density – to blend the hair in with the patients existing hair. The AlviArmani Hair Loss Zone technique is now utilized around the world by many clinics as a method to estimate the  amount of grafts needed in various areas of the scalp for a successful hair transplant procedure.