Hair Transplant Repair

This was a hair transplant repair case, in the before photos the patient had a procedure at another clinic with a poor result that looked unnatural. He then visited the AlviArmani Clinic to have his result fixed. The repair procedure by AlviArmani has been a great success as you can see in the after photos.

Poor prior hair transplant by another provider. Hair growth was thin and wispy.

The patient had 2,559 FUE grafts to restore zones 1 and 2 by AlviArmani in our Beverly Hills Clinic to repair previously bad work done by another clinic.

Immediately post-op

The object of the repair procedure was to completely restore and fix the entire front half of his head and to reconstruct, rebuild and redesign his hairline and to make it look natural.

Hair transplant transformation. The patient now has a natural full result.