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AlviArmani Beverly Hills
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 by Elvera Naylor
This place went above and beyond my highest expectations!

As a woman, hair loss can be a very sensitive subject.
The phenomenal people at AlviArmani helped me feel at complete ease, even though this was the first time I had really spoken openly with any kind of professional about it.
Jaime greeted me with warmth and kindness the minute I arrived. She was very attentive with water, snacks, or anything I needed.
Their facility is just like a beautiful and relaxing spa and I immediately felt welcomed in such a lovely and clean atmosphere.
Jefferson is really the ultimate dream consultant, if ever there was one. He was very gracious and took time to explain all the ins and outs of my procedure options. You can tell he's very passionate about his work, but the conversation was open and I never felt rushed or pressured.
He is very personal and kind and I immediately felt like a valued member of the AlviArmani family.
Dr. Barton was absolutely incredible when it came time to do the procedure.
I was ready to go all in, but to his credit, he felt a simpler and much less expensive route might be better at first for my specific case. I never once felt like a number, like you do at so many other doctors offices. He was so knowledgeable and really took the time to sit with me and make sure all my concerns were answered fully, before he started.
During the procedure, he was very careful and took his time to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. The after pain was minimal, and I never even had to take one pain killer. By the next day, the swelling was completely gone and I could hardly tell that anything had been done.
I am very optimistic and excited to see what the next few weeks and months bring on this hair restoration journey.
Already, I feel like a new person, having been able to address my hair loss concerns with such competent and caring professionals. And then knowing that they are here to help me through this has made the world of difference! I cannot recommend them enough!
A five star experience!

 by Conor Papineau
Great Experience in SLC

I have had the pleasure of dealing with the SLC crew of AlviArmani for the last few weeks during my decision to have their procedure done. It was a great and very detailed experience from the consultation through the procedure and the aftercare. I had a consultation with another local clinic that had a female running the consults that hadn't had the operation herself so her view was quite disconnected. Dr Barton and Jefferson, as well as Chad were the three main contacts in my consultation and have all had the procedure themselves so they could share the emotional connection that I was looking for. Dr Barton was very kind to design me exactly what I wanted and also went above and beyond my original billed procedure to include extra grafts that were necessary to make the perfect end result. I am still healing, but am quite satisfied with my experience here in salt lake. They really make me feel like they care about what they are doing to help people. as my healing and growth stages continue I may update this with pictures. if you are on the fence, I suggest that you go for it and meet the SLC crew for a consultation.

 by Jason L
Dr. Hughes is Amazing!

This place and its entire staff and surgeons are amazing, professional at its finest. Dr. Hughes did amazing work. I couldn’t think of a seamless experience for this type of procedure. They are the best at what they do and the work shows it! If you’re thinking about any hair restoration please consider AlviArmani and talk to Chad Cooper great guy and very patient with all the questions you’ll have.

 by Andy B
Best hair restoration clinic and fantastic staff

I first decided for a FUE procedure with AlviArmani about 10 years ago and was very pleased with the results. I didn't have to worry about my hair for a long time and got the exact results I was hoping for. I've been a patient ever since and most recently had a FUE follow-up to reinforce my hairline and temples.

The procedure was carried out by Dr. Barton and his wonderful team. During the surgery it was extremely relaxing and calm and it was clear that I was in professional and capable hands. I absolutely love Dr. Barton’s esthetic approach and artistic eye that both help deliver natural-looking results.

I can't say enough good things about AlviArmani. They’ve given me life-changing results with a huge boost to my self-confidence. Each individual alone is amazing and deserves 5 stars - from the initial correspondence and scheduling, the pre-op consultation and surgery with Dr. Barton as well as the aftercare were nothing short of excellent.

It was a privilege to be in AlviArmani’s care and I am incredibly grateful for everyone’s kindness, attentiveness and professionalism. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you again.

 by Peter Love
The hairline I always wanted

I spent almost 2 years researching different facilities around the world. AlviArmani was my choice after multiple consultations with doctors here in the US and also across Europe. Every clinic I spoke with promised me that their procedure was the best in the world but when asked if they had anymore photos or testimonials to share all they said was come to our office and we’ll show you. After a few of these in my home city of Las Vegas it became abundantly clear that the end results were just not consistent enough for me to take that chance. Once I was introduced to AlviArmani’s website with the before/after photo’s, the hairline gallery and the numerous testimonials, the choice was clear that this was where I’d be trusting my new hairline to. If the proof is in the pudding, AlviArmani is the only place I found that proved the work was consistent and excellent. On a scale from 1-10 I give this place a ‘Spinal Tap’ ELEVEN because they over achieved even my expectations. I’m only 10 months post op and I can’t believe the difference in my hairline already. So so happy and I would recommend this clinic over any place you can find anywhere on this planet. All you have to do is ask for the ‘proof’ and AlviArmani comes in 1st place not only for the amount of ‘proof’ they show, but in the artistry of how they develop and create your hairline. They are the Leonardo DaVinci’s of Hairlines. Don’t trust your hairline to the so called ‘Picasso’s’ of the world, you may end up with one eye bigger than the other and way off course 😂. AlviArmani all the way. I’m so so so freaking happy. You can insert the ‘other’ word yourself and know how —— happy I am!

 by John Gauthier
Life Changing!

Life changing! Let me start by acknowledging the team that made this possible. Consultation and assessment with Mr. Chad Cooper, review and design with Dr. Craig Barton, patient care and implants with Jamie, Steven, Alissa and Claire (apologies if I have spelled any of those incorrect!) with the support of Dr. Michael Hughes. Having undergone a procedure in the recent weeks, I wanted to convey the experience that changed everything. My conversations during the initial stages were very professional and thoughtful, zero pressure. Easy process for blood work and payment, detailed information for planning the trip and an open line of communication if needed. This was all done during the consultation and booking phase with Mr. Cooper. The day prior to visiting the clinic, I spoke with the team and confirmed expectations for the day of surgery. All about the details! My morning pre-operation meeting with Dr. Barton and the team was thorough and I felt taken care of the entire time. Hair design is very important and there was zero rush in mapping it out. I trusted in Dr. Barton and his expertise to provide me with the best scenario for my specific case and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. My emotions spoke to that after the procedure. Operation time and everything was seamless and professional…Top Gun, 90’s music, getting to know the team personally and we had many jokes of course. I was aware of everything the team was doing and there was never a dull moment, ensuring comfort at all times. Hours felt like minutes to be honest and that is not the anesthesia talking! All completed by Dr. Barton and his staff. Post-operation was very clear and concise that was delivered by the team, as the procedure is only half of the journey and myself the patient, understanding there is work that needs to be done. The detailed self-care manual has been very crucial and hats off (no pun) to the team for creating this. Much appreciated! There are probably things I am missing but WOW what an experience at AlviArmani. Looking forward to the journey with the team and thank you all, deeply, for changing my life. Cheers.

 by John Abbruzzese
First Class Hair Restoration

I expected AlviArmani to offer first class hair restoration but never expected the first class, warm, and personal way they treated me. Dr. Hughes himself deserves special note. His deep understanding of the ethnic variations of hairlines and his grasp of the aesthetics of hair design are just amazing. And, for all his technical expertise, he is completely humble and completely in service of his patient.

 by Ben
Dr. Barton is the Best!

Dr Barton and his team were absolutely amazing! I am very happy with the hairline we designed. Overall so far my experience with Dr Barton and the team has been outstanding!

 by Paul Fhima
Best in the Business

Dr Barton and the AlviArmani clinic are the best in the business. They really know the art of hair transplantation as well as anyone in the world.

 by Peter Love
AlviArmani is the Tops in their Field of Hair Restoration

After 2 years of research and meetings with various hair transplant clinics from all over the world I am so happy that I found AlviArmani.  on a YouTube video and I immediately searched their name and ended up on the website. After viewing all the work and photo's it was a clear and obvious decision for me to have AlviArmani handle my hairline procedure. I could not find another company anywhere with so much proof as to the quality of their work on their sites. My procedure went so well and smoothly and they all explained everything along the way. You can look all over the world but eventually if you do your due diligence you'll find that AlviArmani are the tops in what they do for a can see it in all the photos on their site. Proof is Proof.  You can see my personal profile as well. I highly recommend them as I've found anyone who gets their procedure done by them, in turn highly recommends their work. Thank you to the entire AlviArmani team who took suck great care of me. Can’t wait to show off your work.

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