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AlviArmani Beverly Hills
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 by Rick Gomez
Best of the Best!

I was almost booking a trip to Turkey to save money and get results. I prayed about it and did my research here in the United States. I thought it would be too expensive here in Beverly Hills to get a hair transplant but I prayed and trusted God.

A miracle came from God and put AlviArmani in my path. When I saw Dr.Hughes's work of art, I was BLOWN AWAY! I decided to give AlviArmani a chance, and I was BLOWN AWAY again by the price they gave me for my hair and eyebrow transplant. The price was so affordable that it was too good to be true.

My patient educator, Chad, was so Amazing and helpful, not to mention Stephanie and Lorena were Amazing. I can not describe or have words to express my gratitude towards them. Not to mention, the 2 techs that implanted my hair and John, who was my favorite, were Amazing!

Most of all Dr Hughes is the most amazing lovable guy. He made me feel so comfortable and at home, buying me lunch and treating me like a son. I didn't want to leave AlviArmani.

That was only the beginning. Then came Dr Hughes's work of art. OMG! I WAS BLOWN AWAY! My hairline and eyebrows were better than I expected and I am very picky with the work done to me. To top it off, Dr. Hughes gave me a discount for grafts that were planned but didn't need. I mean they didnt have to, I wouldn't haven known that I didnt need those grafts. I was so amazed by the work of art Dr. Hughes and his team did. That shows that AlviArmani is not only the BEST OF THE BEST but LOYAL, and HONEST! I have no words to describe my experience at AlviArmani. All I know is that if I had to I would do it again. I LOVED Dr. Hudges, John, Stephanie, Chad, Lorena and the 2 techs that implanted my hairs. I pray that AlviArmani keeps expanding and is Blessed because they are Loyal, Honest and their work speaks for itself. Love u guys and u will always have a place in my heart. I will never forget my experience at AlviArmani!

 by Brandon Brestel
Thank You AlviArmani

I had the opportunity to work with the Alvi Armani team in Spring 2023 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. They have something special there that can’t be replicated. They did everything they promised and then some. I’m the real me again, my outside now reflects who I saw myself as on the inside. I’m more confident and as a result my life has changed for the better allowing more opportunities to come my way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Alvi Armani!

 by Matt Malloy
Great Experience and Results

Like most who are looking to restore their hairline, I tried all the products with little results. As the years went by, more hair fell. "Just shave it off" was not at the top of my list, much less on the list!

When I made the decision to go for the FUE procedure, other options like going to Turkey sure came up, but after going through post-op recovery, I am very glad to have stayed local. My wife referred me via one of her coworkers, and after researching the clinic, I did the consultation by email. The team was able to provide an accurate estimate (based on my results, which were pretty spot on!), and after a few months, I scheduled my appointment. Meeting the Dr and the team is a pleasant and professional experience and they will treat you like family! Overall it was a great experience and great results so far! I just passed 12 months and am looking forward to seeing the final result soon!

 by BR
Zero Regrets!

Dr. Hughes and his staff were very professional and very supportive throughout my procedure. Dr. Hughes made me feel like I was part of the family and treated me respectfully from the beginning to the end. I was honored to have him perform. Dr. Hughes and his staff's work was instrumental, and I can’t appreciate it enough. I'm very happy with the decision I made! Zero regrets. Also, I appreciate Chad Cooper for helping me through the initial process and checking up on my post-op recovery. Great team!

 by Mark Wallace
This is the place to GO!

Best experience I have ever had. Dr. Barton and his team are THE BEST! My results are beyond what I expected and thought possible. The entire process was smooth, and I was treated like royalty. The procedure process wasn't as bad as I expected. They really make you feel comfortable and take great care of you. If you are thinking of a hair transplant this is the only place to go.

 by J Veda
Thanks Dr Ischayek and Team!

Wow - World-class service! Dr. Ischayek and the team made this FUE experience comfortable and efficient. Thanks, Dr Ischayek, Claire and Stephanie for performing this procedure and providing a comfortable environment.

I dragged my feet in scheduling this procedure but Stephanie and the rest of the team at Alvi Armani made it seamless. She went above and beyond to accommodate and ensure that I was comfortable with the whole process from end to end. I highly recommend!

 by Andy B
Still Pleased After 10 Years

I've been a long-term patient and had my first FUE procedure about 10 years ago and another one last year. The staff has always been amazing and impressed me with their level of professionalism, expertise, sensibility and care. AlviArmani is known for its state-of-the-art FUE procedure to provide natural-looking and life-long results that blend seamlessly with the existing hair. Having said that, AlviArmani has always exceeded my expectations, and I am still pleased about my decision to address hair loss 10 years later. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone considering a hair restoration.

 by Michael Panowyk
First Class Service & Results

Having a hair transplant procedure was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I was procrastinating for years about the results, the scars, and unknown risks. Then a friend recommended Alvi Armani and the decision was simple and easy. The support and planning staff was amazing. I was not pressured to make the decision. All of my questions were answered. I had an in person consultation. Scheduling was easy and flexible.

I was still very nervous on the day of my procedure but the service and responsiveness was fantastic. It was like a concierge service. There were multiple staff with me throughout the day too answer my questions, explain the plan for the day and even plan my lunch! Once the procedure was under way I was actually very comfortable.

The procedure was long but stress free. I was always attended in as first class manner for the entire day. My comfort was always the first priority and my lunch break (yes a lunch break) was private and high quality.

When I was leaving the facility for the day I felt the attention and care instructions were very reassuring for the night. The night was stress free and my check in for the morning was very reassuring.

I am planning to go back to Alvi Armani in 2024 for another procedure. I’m going back because I think my previous experience cannot be matched by any other team and because everything seems to be exactly the same – excellent staff, amazing service, and a patient first approach. I give Alvi Armani 5 Stars.

 by Alex wish
Exceeded All My Expectations

I looked into hair restoration for several years and was always concerned that others would know I had a hair transplant. I have seen bad hairlines on people where it's very obvious they had work done. After a lot of research and reading reviews from patients across the country, I finally decided on Alvi Armani. I live on the East Coast, so it wasn't convenient to fly to LA, but Alvi Armani was known for their hairlines, so that's where I was going. I dealt with a patient coordinator, picked a date, received instructions, and then waited for my appointment date to arrive. Surgery day went quickly, and I was flying home the next day. The surgical assistants and staff were great. I participated in a bunch of the conversations the surgical assistants and doctor had during the procedure (having nothing to do with the surgery... just everyday life stuff). I couldn't have been more comfortable. Fast forward to today, and I can tell you my only regret is that I did not have the procedure many years prior. Friends and coworkers comment all the time about how good my hair looks. My barber still can't believe how my surgery results look so much better than other customers they have who have had hair transplant surgery. When I tell people I have had a hair transplant and show them before and after pictures, they are amazed. I honestly never expected the outcome to be so good. Alvi Armani exceeded all expectations I had.

 by Ali Rad
Thank You, Dr. Hughes and AlviArmani

AlviArmani with its highly knowledgeable friendly staff and surgeons are amazing, professionalism at its finest. AlviArmani is simply the Best! #1 I had an experience with another Clinic and it was night and day with AlviArmani. The level of expertise is without question exceptional, and the personal care and professionalism with AlviArmani is outstanding. Absolutely recommend AlviArmani!! Dr. Hughes is the best, he is kind and considerate, I'm grateful and lucky for his amazing work. They are the best! Thank You, Dr. Hughes and AlviArmani

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