Hairline & Mid-scalp Restored With 1 FUE Session Of 3500 Grafts

This patient had 3,500 grafts + PRP to fully restore his hairline, frontal region, and mid scalp in our Beverly Hills Clinic. The patient was seeing excellent early hair growth as you can see  below at only 7 months post procedure and with 65% growth.

Prior to hair transplant and PRP treatment.

Immediately post-op and at 1 month post-op

Excellent early hair growth at only 7 Months post-op.

At the 1 year mark below, the patient is at 95% growth. We have found that patients who have PRP with their FUE procedure not only see a better final result, but also experience faster healing post op and faster result from earlier growth.

1 year post-op, displaying a full and luxurious pompadour.