Hairline Restored with Dense Packing

This 35-year-old patient had experienced significant frontal hair loss (Norwood hair loss classification 4) in his frontal region, his hairline and temporal regions had lost all hair and the center forelock was extremely thin. He was combing his hair forward to try and conceal the hair loss.

Before hair transplant Norwood Clss 4 hair loss.

Before and 13 months post-op.

Although he used topical minoxidil for a year he saw little or no regrowth of his hair. After consultation and evaluation of his hair loss, he had 3,059 grafts transplanted via FUE harvest at the Alvi Armani Clinic using our Dense Packing Technique to restore his hairline, temples, and entire front at high density. After photos were taken 13 months post-op.

Right side post-op. Full, natural density and aesthetic temporal closure.

Left side view.

Before, 3 days post-op with scabbing and 13 months post-op.