Los Angeles Hair Restoration Clinic

At AlviArmani we believe that Hair Transplantation is more art than science, and nobody does it better than Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi who is the President and Medical Director of AlviArmani, Beverly Hills.

The variety of options to the patients is similar to a variety of tastes in art. In the end it is the patient – or viewer – who decides what is appropriate for them. The function of the hair transplant doctor is to guide the patient, based on experience, to what would be the best suitable application of the procedure in their particular case.

AlviArmani has patients from all walks of life, including “A list” Hollywood and Bollywood actors, singers, and models, on whom higher densities and a more youthful hair lines are important for their careers. Equally challenging are Class 7 patients who are completely bald, where design must make up for a smaller donor supply. There are thousands of happy AlviArmani patients whose lives have changed due to the improvement in their self esteem and their self worth that our transplants have produced.