Considering a Hair Transplant in Los Angeles?

Take a moment to read what a recent patient of Dr. Baubac’s had to say about his hair restoration experience.

I just wanted to share my wonderful experience with Dr. Baubac and his staff. For many years I contemplated getting work done to lower my hairline back to where it was in my early 20’s. One the biggest reasons I did not do it was because I could style my hair in a way that the receding was really not that noticeable. Also there were not many doctors in my area who would actually lower my hairline so that it would look like a 20-something hairline.

I remember being told in years past that you need to have your hairline match your age, etc. Looking at the results from most doctors did not impress me. I wanted a dense, full and thick front and sides like when I was a teenager and into my early 20’s.

When I found out about AlviArmani I put it the back of mind that I would do the procedure with them. It was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Baubac was amazing and very skilled.

We drew out the hairline I wanted and he took time (and several iterations) to make it just right and make sure I was happy. He even went above and beyond and added more grafts to be sure in some areas I had the density I wanted.

His work is incredible and the results at just 5 months are ASTOUNDING. I can’t even imagine it getting any better but I know that I am only at about 50% or so right now! Incredible!!