Non-Shaving FUE Hair Transplant

AlviArmani is one of the few hair transplant clinics in the world to offer the non-shave FUE hair transplant procedure where the hair is left unshaved on top to help conceal the procedure.
With our Executive Buzz Non-Shaving Hair Restoration option, the hair on the top is left at normal length, and only the sides and the back are shaved down in the donor region where the grafts are taken from.
The transplanted grafts are placed between the patient’s existing longer hair without shaving the hair to help conceal that the procedure has taken place. This allows the patient to return back to normal life and to work just days after their procedure without anyone knowing they had the procedure.

Working between existing hair is an even more exacting procedure than our standard FUE procedure so our surgeons limit a non-shaving procedure to a maximum of 2,000 grafts.

Our Executive Non-Shaving Procedure is the perfect solution for those in representative occupations who cannot shave their head due to the visibility of their job requirements. It is also a great option for very private patients who want to keep their procedure concealed, private and unnoticed as it allows patients to keep their original hair in the same style and length, during and after the procedure.
With our Non Shaving procedures the patient can then return to work and every day activities in a few days without people knowing that a hair restoration procedure has taken place.

This patient had his hairline reinforced with our Non-shaving FUE technique. The photos are less than an hour after the procedure. Within a few days the tiny wounds will be healed and invisible.