How long does a hair transplant result last?

We are often asked the question – “How long will my hair transplant result last?” Our patient Andy is featured in this testimonial video had his FUE hair transplant procedure over ten years ago with Dr. Baubac, and recently came back to our offices to show us how great his results still look a decade later.

Andy had a receding hairline and severe temple recession. To restore his hairline Dr. Baubac transplanted 3,345 grafts to restore his temple recession, hairline and frontal region. Because Andy has used AlviArmani’s hair loss prevention products after his hairline procedure his frontal hair restoration still looks amazing ten years later and he has never needed a 2nd hair transplant procedure.

AlviArmani offers a number of different hair loss prevention solutions to our patients to keep their hair looking strong, such as:

  • Topical Minoxidil 7-8%
  • Oral Finasteride
  • Topical Finasteride
  • Topical Dutasteride
  • Origenere Hair Vitamin – with natural DHT Blockers
  • Origenere Hair Tonic
  • Exosome and PRP Therapy

You can see how great Andy’s restored hairline result still looks ten years after his procedure in the video below.