Norwood 5 hair transplant result

This patient had 3,539 grafts + PRP in September of 2018 with us to restore his hairline, frontal region and mid scalp. The patient was a NW5 and came to AlviArmani Beverly Hills because of the high-density we achieve and the amount of area we can cover in one session with a large number of grafts.

A detailed comb through is shown in this video so that you can see all of the details that are necessary to determine true naturalness, and true density. This is what sets AlviArmani apart from other clinics. We provide real results and validate them with real documentation.

This video was filmed in July 2019, the patient is just 9 months post op in this video and comb thru and is only at 70% growth and at 70% the final result in the video, but the result and transformation is already stunning.