Genetic Pattern Hair Loss Beverly Hills

Genetic Pattern Hair Loss is surprisingly common occurring in about half of all men and 20% of women and is characterized by it’s receding pattern–starting from the top of the head and advancing down the sides and back. Testosterone can play a large part in Genetic Pattern Hair Loss when it is converted in the body as DHT (short for dihydrotestosterone) by the enzyme 5 alpha reductase–this can stop the growth of the hair follicles and often occurs in the crown and mid-scalp areas.

To treat a receding hairline, AlviArmani focuses his treatment on create results that completely natural looking and undetectable to the outside eye. He works to create natural hairlines and maximum density in all his patients. To learn more about how AlviArmani achieves these goals and to find out how he can help you get their full, thick, natural looking head of hair you desire, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.