Dr. Charitha Seneviratne - Research & Development

Dr. Charitha Seneviratne is the Director of our Research & Development Department and has been involved with Alvi Armani Genomics (AAG) from its inception, leading and building the entire research and development program, including on-site research laboratory; external collaborations; developing and optimizing molecular, cellular, and mini-organ assays as well as proof-of-concept pilot clinical studies that have resulted in patented hair growth formulation, and four patent applications as well as a robust R&D program that will keep paying dividends in the form of new and improved therapeutics for hair loss and beyond.

Dr. Charitha Seneviratne

Dr Seneviratne has a strong and diverse Biomedical Research background, as exemplified below, that has prepared him well to excel in his current role. When SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, caused by SRS-CoV1) hit North America in 2003-04, which was the forerunner to the current COVID-19 pandemic (caused by SARS-CoV2 virus), he was at the University of Toronto, leading a group of Scientists in an NIH funded program to model vaccines, including cloning and expression of viral genes and researching mRNA molecules for vaccines, etc.

As a Professor of Biochemistry in Sri Lanka, Dr. Seneviratne successfully isolated anti-oxidant small molecules purified from plant decoctions used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) to heal after myocardium (heart muscle) after a MI.

Dr. Seneviratne is well published in top Biomedical journals from a diverse array of biomedical research including Molecular Endocrinology, Cancer chemotherapeutics, Molecular Immunology / Virology, molecular/cellular cardiovascular research. He has also co-authored 4 patents.


 Published 22 publications: 19 peer-reviewed articles + 3 book chapters



  1. Extracts and compounds from Ficus benghalensis for increasing hair growth and decreasing hair loss  - US 8617622 B2. Awarded- Dec 31.2013
  2. Compositions and Methods for Hair Follicle Generation - US 20110305671 A1
  1. Compositions for increasing hair growth and decreasing hair loss - US 20110306546 A1


PhD in Molecular Biology/Physiology, 1994_ University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada in Molecular Endocrinology; Thesis topic “Cloning and regulation of Insulin-like growth factor binding protein.

MSc in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, 1989_University of Manitoba, Canada.