Female Hair Rejuvenation Solutions

Lindsey Hughes is the wife of Dr. Michael Hughes, Medical Director of AlviArmeni Beverly Hills. She was unhappy with her hair, particularly along her hairline.

After discussion with her husband she came to the local AlviArmani Clinic to have an Exosome and PRP Hair Rejuevenation Treatment.

AlviArmani offers Injectable Hair Rejuvenation Therapy that helps men and women with their hair issues.

Our specially prepared medical therapies have been shown to Improve visible breakage and promote visibly thicker, stronger hair.

Patients like Lindsey have responded positively to our treatment and have seen noticeably thicker hair as a result.

In the above video, Lindsey describes the treatment process as well as the change she has experienced. A treatment takes approximately an hour and there is no downtime. You can return to work the next day after the injections with no signs that you had the treatment performed.

Many female patients have seen visible improvement in as little as 90 days with our injection therapy.

For more information regarding our hair rejuvenation options please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our specialized female hair restoration consultants to get started and receive your individualized treatment plan.