What is a Follicular Unit?

A follicular unit is a natural grouping of hairs that grow together in the scalp and share the same blood supply. Each follicular unit has from one to four separate individual hairs growing from it.

A follicular unit hair transplant yields the most natural look and highest density, as it involves the extraction of individual follicular units from the “donor site” at the back of the head where hair is genetically programmed to grow for life, and then implanting it in the areas on top and in the hairline suffering from hair loss at a very high density.

AlviArmani takes great pride in ensuring that each donor follicle is perfectly placed, bringing together a complete unit of natural flowing hair. The strategic positioning of hair to match each patient’s individual, natural growth pattern is a key factor in achieving a truly undetectable result of FUE hair transplant.

Our surgical staff is composed of dedicated technicians that are hand-picked and personally trained by Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi, guaranteeing that each patient’s grafts are handled with the utmost care to ensure that every patient achieves the results that have made AlviArmani leaders in the FUE hair transplant industry.