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NO-Shave Executive FUE Hair Transplant

The patient below had 1,500 grafts via individual FUE graft harvesting to thicken and lower…

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Perez Hilton Hair update 2 years later!

Perez Hilton, is an American blogger, columnist, and media personality. We are coming up on…

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Crown Hair Restoration – Video – Hair Transplant + Exosome Therapy

Our patient Eric had his crown and entire head of hair restored with the AlviArmani…

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Chad’s 3,100 graft result with AlviArmani

Chad had his hair restoration with the AlviArmani Clinic in 2006. He had 3,100 grafts…

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AlviArmani most Recent Results

Check out some of our most recent AlviArmani patients showing off their results and talking…

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Perez Hilton 12 Month Hair Transplant Follow Up

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was laid up with an ear infection from his appearance on…

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Celebrity Hair Transplant Los Angeles

Celebrity performer Jefferson Tuke had a FUE hair transplant procedure of 3,453 FUE harvested grafts…

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