3000 FUE Graft Hairline Restoration

fue hair transplant

This patient had 3,000 grafts FUE with the AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic, to completely restore his hairline, temples and frontal region at high density. Take a look at his result photos below The patient is in his mid 30’s, lives in L.A. and is an aspiring model and actor. He came to AlviArmani to help…

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NW5 Hair Restoration

This patient had a fairly extensive, Norwood Hair Loss Classification 5 (NW5), hair loss pattern. Before – Norwood Classification 5 hair loss. We transplanted 3000 FUE hair grafts to full restore his hairline and frontal region. One day post op 4 months post-op, initial hair growth One year after, his hairline and confidence are restored.…

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