Exosome – New Hair Loss Maintenance Therapy

By admin | July 18, 2023

Exosome Therapy For Hair Strengthening Many of our patients have reported feeling the strengthening and growth of their hair after exosome treatment. AlviArmani offers exosome injection therapy for patients with moderate hair loss or slight thinning who want to moderate their hair loss. Many of our patients who have had Exosomes with us have reported…

AlviArmani Recieved the Best of State Award – Utah

By admin | June 11, 2023

AlviArmani Utah was recently awarded the Best of State Award in the category of Medical Processes in Salt Lake City Utah. AlviArmani just opened our new luxurious surgical facility in Salt Lake in January of 2023, which made this award an unexpected surprise.   About the Award The Best of State Awards were created to…

How will my hair look wet after hair transplant?

By admin | March 20, 2023

One of the most frequently asked questions by our patient’s is “how will my hair look when its wet if I have a hair restoration procedure”. This is a valid question, as we all want our Hair Restoration result to look natural and undetectable in ALL conditions, including when it is wet just coming out…

Dr. Michael Hughes Describes the Utilization of the Vitruvian Method

By admin | March 18, 2023

AlviArmani, Beverly Hills hair transplant surgeon Dr. Michael Hughes, a board-certified general surgeon describes the AlviArmani Vitruvian Design and max FUE harvest techniques. Our surgical techniques and Artistic Hairline design components were created from the work of Leonardo Da Vinci in La Divina Proporzione. With an algorithmic base, our founders further refined the proportions of…

Exosome Injection Therapy to Treat Crown Hair loss

By admin | March 1, 2023

This patient had an Exosomes treatment with the AlviArmani Clinic to treat his thinning crown. Based on his before and after comparisons you can see the improvement made by the Exosome treatment Patient’s who have had Exosomes have reported positive results for the crown and with visibly thicker head. With Exosomes there is no down…

2,400 Grafts FUE + Exosomes

By admin | February 18, 2023

This patient had a significantly thinning frontal region that became very difficult to style. He came to our Beverly Hills clinic and received 2,400 FUE Grafts plus PRP Therapy and  Exosome injection therapy to restore his immediate hairline, temples and frontal region at a high density using our Dense Packing technique. The after photos are…

The Alvi Armani Experience

By admin | January 30, 2023

American Idol Contestant and Entrpreneur Jefferson Tuke had his first procedure with the alviarmnai clinic nearly 11 years ago and is located near our newest location in Salt Lake City, Utah. In this video he tells about his alviarmani hair restoration transformation!  Hair Surgeon Dr. Craig Barton Operating out of our state of the…

Female No Shave FUE Hair Transplant

By admin | January 4, 2023

The female patient below had 1,148 grafts FUE with AlviArmani Beverly Hills Clinic to restore her hairline and thinning temples and increase density and volumize her hair.

Temple Recession and Hairline Restored

By admin | December 24, 2022

This patient had 2,200 FUE grafts + PRP with the AlviArmani Clinic to restore his receding hairline and temporal region at high density.

Mega Church Pastor Has Hair Transplant Haircut Live!

By admin | November 23, 2022

Ed Young is a pastor, author and conference speaker noted for his creative communication style. Ed has had the opportunity to publish several books on the topics of leadership, Christian living, marriage and parenting. Ed is a New York Times best-selling author and his books include: Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse.…

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