Exosome Hair Regrowth Treatment

By admin | May 16, 2022

The patient featured in this article had Exosomes treatment with the AlviArmani Clinic for his mid scalp and crown six months ago. As you can see by the Before and After photo, the treatment helped fill in the crown and regrew a significant amount of hair reversing the balding. Exosome therapy is a new cutting…

Exosome Treatment for Hair Loss in the Crown

By admin | April 21, 2022

This patient had exosomes to treat hair loss in the back of his scalp and regrow new hair in the crown. Exosomes have been shown to maintain existing hair and in many case regrow new hair. Exosomes treatment has been clinically shown to thicken thinning hair areas and increase hair density. APPLICATIONS FOR EXOSOMES: EXOSOMES…

Exosomes Case Study for Hair Loss

By admin | April 15, 2022

This patient had Exosome Treatment with the AlviArmani Clinic in Beverly Hills for his crown. As you can see in the before and after photo the Exosome treatment helped fill in the crown with significant new growth and hair thickening in as little as two months. Exosomes do many things for your hair that leads…

Hair Restoration by the AlviArmani Clinic

By admin | April 13, 2022

Patients travel from all over the world to have their hair restored with the AlviArmani Clinic in Beverly Hills. AlviArmani is known for their high density restored hairlines that look undetectable in all settings. AlviArmani’s FUE + PRP technique leaves no linear scar in the back of the head, so it is untraceable that you…

3,500 grafts FUE + PRP

By admin | March 19, 2022

This patient had 3,500 grafts + prp to restore his hairline, temples and mid scalp

Hairline and temple restoration

By admin | March 19, 2022

This patient had his hairline restored and lowered as well as the temples closed In to frame his facee For a more youthful appearance at the AlviArmani Clinic using their dense packing Hair Transplant method    

Exosomes for hair thickening

By admin | February 28, 2022

What will exosome therapy do for your hair? By injecting exosomes and growth factors, it has been clinically shown to help many patients to regenerate and regrow hair as a treatment for hair loss in both men and women in the earlier stages of hair loss. Exosome Full Scalp Treatment: A full scalp treatment consists…

2,400 Grafts FUE + Exosomes

By admin | February 18, 2022

This patient had a significantly thinning frontal region that became very difficult to style. He came to our Beverly Hills clinic and received 2,400 FUE Grafts plus PRP Therapy and  Exosome injection therapy to restore his immediate hairline, temples and frontal region at a high density using our Dense Packing technique. The after photos are…

Non-Shaving FUE Hair Transplant

By admin | January 10, 2022

Dr. Baubac is one of the few hair transplant doctors in the world who offers the no shave FUE hair transplant procedure where the hair is left unshaved on top to help conceal the procedure. Grafts are placed between the patients existing longer hair without shaving the hair to help conceal that the procedure has…

How long does a hair transplant result last?

By admin | December 6, 2021

We are often asked the question – “How long will my hair transplant result last?” Our patient Andy is featured in this testimonial video had his FUE hair transplant procedure over ten years ago with Dr. Baubac, and recently came back to our offices to show us how great his results still look a decade…

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